Our Vision at Homesteader’s Hut

With great gratitude for your time, we share with you our dreams, wants and desires for a thriving, enriched, resilient Tri-State community of the beautiful Ohio River Valley.

We see this dream being realized by building a green economy that is sustainable for the future by implementing regenerative agriculture practices that resemble ancient ways of convening with Mother Nature, utilizing organic gardening, rewilding, and biodiverse-permaculture that feed a continuous supportive ecosystem.

We all can do our part by continuing to be educated, by keeping lawns and gardens safe for you, children, pets and future generations, by being conscious of food sources, by having an open heart and patience to make changes with end results for the greater good for all. That “ALL” includes our beloved Mother. May we continue to give back to that which gives us so much. (Sustenance

We hope to ignite a desire in our friends and neighbors to be stewards of improving our way of life, in preserving a lush, resilient community and enriching ourselves as we enrich the soil which feeds our food, is known to provide mental health well-being, is a connection to our ancestors, & on which we stand. It’s time we take a stand.

Cheers to soil & Food LIBERATION